Lazy Sunday at The Four Seasons Hotel

As we had been flat hunting all week with no luck we decided to spend sunday haveing a relaxing afternoon at The Four Seasons hotel in Ballsbridge. It was very busy when we arrived as it was Easter Sunday and they were doing an Easter Egg Hunt for the children. There were no tables available so we waited at the bar and only had to wait about 10 minutes until we were seated in the Lobby Lounge.

I started off with a tomato juice and J had a Guinness and we both tucked into the complimentary snacks. After chatting for a while and taking in the Easter atmosphere we decided to order an early dinner from there Light Fare Menu. J has the Steak Sandwich with Truffle Fries, which he described as “Yum Scrum Bum”. I had the Ham & Cheese Toasted Sandwich with Fries, which was fine but nothing special and I was not very impressed with the Fries.

Afterwards I had a lovely cappuccino and it came in a cup the size or a soup bowl, a lovely way to end the day!

The Four Seasons - Ballsbridge.

The Four Seasons – Ballsbridge.



James with his Steak Sandwich & Truffle Fries

James with his Steak Sandwich & Truffle Fries

Ham & Cheese with Chips

Ham & Cheese with Chips




Entrance to The Four Seasons

Where: Simmonscourt Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Booking: We did not book and waiting 10 minutes for a table in the Lobby Lounge.

Price: Fairly priced for the venue.

More information:


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