Ode to Nipster

My first car, a prancing lion driven wild by me.

3rd hand – old hand, geared for my tentative changes,

its ready revolutions always teaching this learner

and whose body worked by my skill and experience ages.


Initially, GJ06 MYM we were a perfect hot match

Our relationship was forged while your metal proved.

That date destined that our love should hatch

Since you opened 5 doors and my heart was moved.


Great Grey, to all 4 corners of this Kingdom you travelled

Pack horse, horse powered wee sea faring loco-motive.

206 caravans of home, building a foundation of Napkinplan,

Modern Bucephalus, my trusted steer – our Odyssey’s emotive.


One final road and adventure to discover the Emerald Isle.

You mountaineer, explorer, stereo: beauty of Kerry.

Good speed reliable Tenzing, I enjoyed every mile

Parted now only for the world’s finest Ruby.


A4 tunes of memories left, our Daft nights alone,

The bond of the right cart, a shared Franc soul,

I still see impressions of you, hear your crappy horn,

On Dublin’s cobbled streets – I’m stationary and forlorn!

DSC07815 DSC07826 DSC07972 DSC07995 DSC08001 DSC08003 P1080449 P1080454 P1080459 P1080469 P1080497 P1080567 P1080570 P1080621 P1080626 P1080637 P1080668 P1080682 P1080749 P1080810


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