3FE… The best coffee in Dublin?

I have read a lot about 3FE and every review has been very positive. It is on Lower Grand Canal Street and is conveniently located very close to where I live and along the walk into town, so on a shopping trip we went in to get our pre-shop coffee fix. The cafe itself is very simple, which I liked and the staff were very friendly. We each had a latte and they were both beautifully presented and you could tell a lot of care went into making each cup. I liked the fact that they brought the coffee to your table and the white cup and saucer it was presented in was very simple in a good way.

And for the coffee itself… J suggested that as it was so highly rated that we taste it before we put in our usual one sachet of brown sugar. The verdict was that the coffee was delicious, the texture of the milk was perfect for a coffee presented in a cup, and not a tall glass, and the coffee had the right strength and that magical ‘no bitter after taste’. This coffee is so good that sugar would just ruin it!

At 3FE they use the ‘has been’ brand of coffee from the UK (the same as Roasted Brown in Temple Bar), they also sell it and have a colour coded system to tell you its strength or flavour. I didn’t try the food but with such good coffee on my doorstep I’m sure I will be back there soon!

So to answer the question, I would say that the coffee at 3FE is as good as Roasted Brown, so it gets equal first for best coffee in Dublin!

Website: http://www.3fe.com  Check out their ‘Coffee Classes’ they say they help you connect with your inner coffee geek!

Latte from 3FE

Latte from 3FE

Has Bean Coffee for sale at 3FE

Has Bean Coffee for sale at 3FE

The Menu

The Menu


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