CUP – a great place to escape Grafton Street tourists!

Cup is a cafe/coffee shop opposite Trinity College close to the very centre of Dublin where every street you walk down is teaming with tourists. CUP is a lovely haven and the fact that they serve my favourite Has Bean coffee meant it was a must to try. The inside is really cosy and they bake all there sweet treats on site, including amazing looking scones. J and I enjoyed a very strong latte (they come with 2 shots as standard) and then had a nice chat with the barista who told us all about their unique blend and even gave us a few recommendations of other cafes to try. The coffee was not as good as 3FE or Roasted Brown but still very good, what I liked about it was how strong it was, it was a latte with a proper kick!

Inside of CUP

Inside of CUP

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These looked so good!

These looked so good!



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