Asador – amazing steak in Dublin 4!

After a really fun day showing our friends around Dublin, lunch at PYG Powerscourt and watching the Ireland rugby game 30 seconds from where it was actually being played at the Aviva, we made our way to a late dinner at Asador in Dublin 4. It’s a resturant I’ve been wanting to try for a while as it has really good reviews from food bloggers.

P1130802The restaurant is smart and comfortable and it has a stylish bar maned with a dedicated mixologist. The menu consists of a mix of steaks and fish all cooked on the asador (essentially a very big indoor barbecue). Although the website sells the restaurant as a barbecue joint, it is far more polished and sophisticated than your average barbecue restaurant. After a thorough read through of the menu I decided on the Cofit Duck Pate with Red Onion Marmalade and Sourdough and then a main of Seared Beef Salad with Artichoke, Watercress and Horseradish Dressing. J had the Burger and Skinny Fries and our friends both had the Chorizo Skewers to start and the 6oz Fillet Steak, one with a béarnaise sauce and the other with a garlic butter.

My Duck Pate was not particularly memorable but a tasty little starter, however I was expecting more of a traditional pate texture but it was more like shredded duck. The Seared Beef Salad was excellent, the beef was incredibly tasty and had a fantastic texture and I would definitely go back for more of that beef. But I was a bit let down by the watercress as it was a bit wilted from the heat which made it lose its fresh texture and I could not taste any horseradish in the dish at all which was disappointing. Our friends were very happy with their fillet steak and the skinny fries and the triple cooked chips were very good. J said his burger was average so next time I think he will be ordering the steak! One of the highlights was the sourdough bread we were served as we were seated, it was really delicious and we ended up ordering about 4 more rounds!

P1130798 P1130799 P1130800

For dessert the three of us shared the chocolate fondant with caramel and lavender ice cream and J had a white chocolate and nut mousse (after wrongly being served the chocolate and toffee mouse and us all trying to figure out where the white chocolate was). The Fondant was good but it could have done with another minute in the oven as there was a little to much liquid chocolate for my taste. I have to say that my friend and I both thought that the lavender ice cream was disturbing… I have met a few people who like lavender ice cream and this was my first try and I am definitely not a fan!

Asador Website:

Check out Asadors facebook page for daily updates on their dishes!


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