Rock Lobster – lots of fun in Donnybrook!

I was looking for a really fun restaurant for a saturday night to go with family that were visiting and I wanted somewhere that had a menu that was a bit different. I had been eager to try Rock Lobster for ages and reading a lot of positive reviews about its buzzy atmosphere online, I decided to reserve a table and walk there from town after a day exploring Dublin and the boys doing the Guinness factory tour. There are a lot of places that serve lobster in Dublin so it was a little hard to pick one to try first, here are the others that have caught my eye….

Bite – They serve a lobster burger… Amazing!

Lobster Pot – As well as a great menu of fresh fish and seafood they serve … “Fresh Lobster Garlic Butter or Thermidor (Brandy mustard & herb flavoured cheese sauce)”

The Shelbourne Hotel Saddle Room – Serves lobster tails in their surf and turf starter and a Lambay Island Lobster Thermidor Style for a main. Check out the bling gold decor of their restaurant.

P1130863So what did we think of our first lobster meal in Dublin at Rock Lobster? Despite being located in the sleepier part of Dublin 10 minutes outside the city centre, this place was seriously lively and a very chilled place to have a fun dinner. The booth seating was really comfortable and the restaurant is located in an old Victorian building so it feels a little like you are in a friends living room. There was a cosy fire at the far end of the restaurant and a bar at the opposite side.

We were all really hungry having not eaten since brunch so we demolished the bread that was served when we sat down. We were all in agreement that the bread and the butter was amazing and we ended up ordering about 6 baskets worth (that’s what happens when you go to dinner with three guys). The restaurant was very loud, but there was such a good atmosphere that it didn’t really matter and you could still chat easily with the people at your table.


I ordered the traditional maine lobster roll as it seemed like their signature dish, it was a mix of lobster in a type of mayonnaise that filled a long brioche roll and it really did remind me of being in Maine. The brioche roll had a really nice crispy exterior and I thought it would be a very heavy and oily dish, but it wasn’t at all and it was actually quite refreshing. The chips were very good and the salad was excellent!!! X ordered the pot of mussels which was wonderfully presented and he said it was delicious, and of course we needed to order more of the amazing bread to dip in the mussels juices. J had the whole split lobster served with fries and a salad which was very good, he said it tasted a bit smoked (in a good way), the only negative was that the meat of the lobster had a tough exterior skin which I have never seen on a lobster before, but it was cooked well and the seemed very fresh. N went for fish & chips with tartar sauce and pea puree which he really enjoyed. Overall I think f I went again I would have the whole split lobster instead of the roll, they also had some delicious sounding specials including slow cooked pork, but as we had gone there for lobster I had to order that! It was a really fun night and the waiters were all very friendly and worked well in a very busy restaurant.

I would definitely recommend this place, especially if you are going with a group of people! Check out the Rock Lobster website for there range of menus and contact info.

You can also follow them on Twitter @Dublinlobster


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