A birthday full of sunshine, coffee, cake and flowers!

I was really looking forward to spending my first birthday in Dublin, I love this city and it was a perfect excuse to explore more of it. After a wonderful morning of coffee in bed and cards and presents, J and I had our customary boiled eggs on the balcony to enjoy the most spectacular weather… Dublin’s gift to me on my birthday.

To enjoy the sunshine we went on a walk into town down the river and finished up in Temple Bar where we did a spot of shopping.

At lunch time we headed Roasted Brown for the most perfect cup of coffee and for a birthday treat I got a very Christmasy ginger bread man.

After that we made our way to my favourite spot in Dublin, Powerscourt Shopping Centre and strolled round the boutiques and I got to see their new Christmas lights display. We finished up at Brown Thomas to see if they had anything good in the sale and I left with a little present.

Then came the highlight of my day… Afternoon Tea at The Westin Hotel. It was so much fun that it deserved its very own blog so I won’t go into detail, but I will say that it is not your typical afternoon tea.

P1140099Afterwards we walked home down the beautifully lit river and arrived just in time for a special delivery of stunning flowers from The Four Seasons florist, sent by J’s parents. It was the most wonderful end to a great birthday full of Dublin delights!


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