BUNSEN – Burger heaven in Dublin!

Bunsen has cropped up in a few blogs I follow and I am always up for a good burger so I was waiting for a good chance to check it out. The perfect opportunity came when J had one of his brothers to visit and we needed a food stop for lunch that would satisfy a hungry young man’s appetite, so off to Bunsen on Wexford Street we went! I was expecting it to be good, as the reviews were so complementary, but it was not ‘good’ it was AMAZING!!!!!


Firstly, I loved the restaurant, it has such simple but cool decor and it hasn’t tried to be like so many burger ‘joints’ with 60’s american themes. Secondly, I loved the menu on the little business card! This place just does burgers, you can have a hamburger or a cheeseburger and both of these you can order as a double. To go with your burger you can have hand cut, shoestring or sweet potato fries. The drinks are nice and simple too, a soda or a milkshake, just what you want with a burger!

Your meal comes on a little individual tray, which matches the cool laid back style of the place, they don’t even give you glasses to drink your soda with, you get the can and a straw, perfect! When mine arrived I was really excited! Would this burger live up to the hype? Could it really be as good as people were saying? The answer to all of these questions was a resounding YES!!! It was the most delicious, perfect, juicy piece of food heaven I have ever eaten! It reminded me of an episode of How I Met Your Mother where the gang hunt around NY trying to remember where one of them had the most perfect burger somewhere in the city… well I have just found my perfect burger and thankfully I will remember where I had it!

So why was this burger so amazing?

1. The bun was beyond delicious, the texture of it was just right for a burger and totally different to any other bun I have ever eaten. They actually have their own baker who produces them daily in Tallaght. (BTW did you know that American hamburger bun is also known as Amish dinner roll – little bit of Bunsen trivia)

2. The quality of the beef was excellent and so tasty. I had mine well done and it still had all the delicious meat juices; I can’t believe I was ever a vegetarian!

3. The cheese was totally different to any other burger cheese I have tried and seemed like a mix between the type of cheese McDonalds uses and a luxury cheddar – it was perfect.

4. Usually I don’t like all the ‘fresh stuff’ in my burger as for me it never tastes right. But the lettuce, tomato and pickle they use were so fresh it went so well with the rest of the burger. Also, the pickle was the best I have ever eaten and trust me I have eaten a lot of pickles! (The pickles Bunsen use are a typical jewish deli variety – bring on the umami)

The staff were so friendly, probably due to the fact that everyone who frequents this restaurant is in love with them as they are the angels that deliver these perfect burgers who even solve music dilemmas created by the excellent background playlist!


I’m so sorry if you now have an uncontrollable desire for a burger, but I suggest you hop in a taxi/car/train/boat or plane and get down to Bunsen and try one of their burgers!!! Trust me it’s worth the air fare!

Only 1 gripe, guys you should really be serving Sprite rather than 7Up for that perfect Pulp Fiction, may I wash down that tasty burger with some of your tasty beverage moment.

Website: http://bunsendublin.wordpress.com

Bunsen on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BunsenDublin

Bunsen on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bunsenburger


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