Quechee between Christmas and New Year – Part .1.

This time was all about family and spending as much time with them as I could….

This sandwich was one of the best I’ve ever had, fresh white bread with a good crust, turkey, brie, stuffing, cranberry sauce, parsnips and mayonnaise…. PERFECTION!

P1140381We had a wonderful night in at B’s condo with L cooking her famous Spanish chicken (which was one of the BEST meals I had in my 3 weeks in the US!), we hung out, chatted and drank wine!

A great night at J’s house with chilli, table tennis and doggy cuddles….

Later that night we were treated to B the barman! B kindly gave A a break and took up the role, much to the dismay of the punters! Luckily they were all family!

It was very tense at the condo as the Chelsea v Liverpool match begins, J prays for a Livepool victory but the A family are victorious in the end with a Chelsea win, very disappointing for me as I was looking forward to seeing J’s victory dance!

To be continued…


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