New Year 2014 in Vermont

New Years eve started off very chilled with us hanging out by the fire and eating a batch of mince pies fresh out the oven…

DSC_0236Off we all went to J’s house who had invited us to dinner and game playing with her and the girls. She made a lovely salad to start and then a delicious pot roast with crispy french bread and roast potatoes. It was the perfect winter food! She dressed the table so beautifully and bought the most decadent looking triple chocolate cake for desert, we even had baklava after that!

After a fierce session of ping pong between myself and I, the girls decided it was about time to get some night sledding in. There was no fresh snow so it was very icy, but J went to the bottom of the hill with a torch to check the girls got to the bottom unharmed. The icy conditions meant they picked up some serious speed and I couldn’t see anything from the top of the hill but I frequently heard the girls yelling “Get out the way” or “I can’t find my hat” aimed at J to either dive out of there course or take the torch to find the missing hat from their route down.

After that we needed some time by the fire to feel our limbs again….

Getting warm again!

After that we went to The Parker House Inn just in time for New Years. The atmosphere was great, with a live band and A making legendary cocktails for the regulars at the bar! As soon as we walked in A offered us a bottle of Champagne and 4 glasses and with only 2 minutes until the clock struck we had just enough time to open the bottle and fill the glasses….

P1140581A little bit of New Year silliness….

HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE!!!!!! xxx


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