New York – Saks 5th Avenue, The Empire State Building & Grand Central Station.

Any day is a good day that starts with New York’s best cheesecake eaten on the 46th floor overlooking Central Park and tucked up in bed! To be sure it was a very odd breakfast for someone that is more used to a bagel or a boiled egg but the cheesecake itself was delicious and it was shared between me and J so it wasn’t too rich. Buzzing on a sugar high we braced ourselves for another day in the desperate cold of NYC!

P1150057My very wonderful brother had bought be a gift card for Saks Fifth Avenue as a thank you for cooking christmas dinner for 20 people and narrowly avoiding burning down his condo. So we trampled through the remaining snow down 5th Avenue and arrived at the holy grail of shopping. Luckily, I had J in tow to scan the sale racks for me so we could get the shopping done in double quick time. I must say I found shopping in the US very odd and the relationship between sales assistant and shopper is completely different and until Saks I had found it very annoying to be constantly bombarded by assistants telling me about sales, new collections, what they thought would go with the bag I happened to be admiring etc etc. But in Saks it was a different story, I got a point person for my shopping which meant that wherever I was in the store she would suddenly appear and whisk my items off to the changing room. She had a really remarkable way of appearing next to me whenever I had decided to try something on and it made the whole experience more enjoyable and easier on my biceps! So I ended up buying a couple of tops, all picked out by J I might add! After that he had to be rewarded with food and off we went to the Saks cafe which is a super pretty space located on the second of the womens apparel floors. As you can see from the picks, the shopping had sent him a bit mad!

It was by far the clearest day we had had weather wise so we made our way south down 5th Avenue until we arrived at the Empire State Building. J had been looking forward to this for days as there are few things he likes more than height and a view. We painfully made our way through the airport style security, which took an age in what was a rather underwhelming way to start our Empire State Building journey! We then queued for quite a while to take the lift up but when we got there it was so worth the wait. You really have to see NYC from the top of the empire state building to truly understand the density of the city. We had great timing as we had about 10 minutes of really good daylight and then we got to enjoy the sunset and then the city lit up at night.

It was quite literally freezing when we were up there, you physically couldn’t take your hands out of your gloves or leave you face uncovered as you would get frost bite in minutes. Considering it was the coldest day of our entire stay, we were very brave (aka stupid) to spend so much time outside 85 floors up being battered by the icy winds. But it was so pretty:




P1150119 P1150134 P1150141 P1150155

When we got down I headed straight to, conveniently located in the lobby, Starbucks to get a hot tea to warm me up and then we headed back out to Grand Central Station as one of our touristy ‘must see spots’. I was surprised that a station was actually well worth the visit. It is a gorgeous space and it was really interesting to compare how calm and ordered the commuters were compared to any of the frenetic major London stations.

After that we had a bit of time to kill before we met up with my cousin at her local Irish pub uptown so we went to see the UN and then jumped in a cab…

We spent the evening with L drinking beer, eating excellent pub food and doing the quiz. Our team was aptly called ‘British Invasion’ and we came in second overall (No thanks so me as I was useless, but teacher L and know it all J did very well). Here is the last round of the quiz, ‘Name the 10 famous faces of stars born in Britian’, leave your answers in the comments section if you fancy having a go and in a few days I will post the answers!



4 thoughts on “New York – Saks 5th Avenue, The Empire State Building & Grand Central Station.

  1. Absolutely stunning pix from ESB. Thank you!
    Can’t resist a competitive thrill so here goes: John Cleese, blank, blank, John Locke, Sasch Baron Cohen, Johnnie Rotten, Robbie Williams, blank, Henry VIII

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