Fika – Dublin’s newest coffee shop!

Last week I noticed on my twitter feed that there was a lot of chat about a new coffee shop opening in Dublin that would be serving the Roasted Brown coffee blend. This immediately caught my attention as I think that Roasted Brown serves the best coffee in town! The name of this new coffee shop, with impeccable taste in roasts, is Fika and it opened yesterday on Dawson Street and I went down to check it out.

It’s located opposite St. Ann’s church on Dawson Street and it’s on the basement level of the Design House tucked away from the busyness of Dawson Street. Yesterday they served 1 euro drinks all day and I wasn’t going to miss out on that!

Fika 1

As I arrived at Fika (no relation to the Fika in New York) I could tell this was already a very cool place to hang out as Game of Thrones star Jack Gleeson (Geofrey Baratheon) was there with a possy of guys drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. The interior of the place is very plain and clean so your attention is immediately drawn to the vast amount of yummy treats on offer. I went for a latte and a banana and pecan muffin which I reluctantly shared with J!

Fika 2

The Roasted Brown blend was excellent, the latte had lovely frothy milk and a kick of coffee that was smooth and delicious! I really liked their colourful and textured take away cups but apparently they are getting some Fika branded mugs soon. There are places to sit on bar stools but there are only half a dozen so you are more likely to stop here for a coffee to go. But luckily yesterday there was just enough space for me and J.

Fika 3psd

What was a real surprise to me was that I was enjoying the muffin more than the coffee. Don’t get me wrong the coffee was great but my muffin was heavenly!!! I love banana on anything really, banana bread, banana and peanut butter sandwich, mushed banana on toast etc. etc. But this was an epic banana muffin: it was so moist, the texture was perfect and it had a really strong taste of proper banana, none of that artificial rubbish!

Fika 4

So I got chatting to the owner Chris Flanagan about these amazing muffins and it turns out that he is a pastry chef and he makes everything he sells himself! Impressive stuff! Not only that but his pastry-making hands also made the massive wooden countertop and the very pretty wooden boards to display his sweet treats! Well, by this point I was very impressed and it was obvious that everything in Fika was a real labour of love.

Fika 5

They had a really good selection of yummy things to have with your coffee, ranging from biscuits, muffins, chocolate covered rice crispy squares, bake-well tarts and granola bars. Everything looked fresh and delicious because, as I’m assured, it is!

Fika 6

I also discovered the meaning of Fika. Fika is a Swedish word which is both a verb and a noun which roughly translates as “to drink coffee/tea/squash accompanied by something sweet.” A perfect name for this place!

As it’s located right in the heart of town I would definitely recommend stopping by especially if you need to fuel yourself before hitting the shops on Grafton Street or to keep yourself going, as in my case after a day’s worth of learning to cook at Cooks Academy on South William Street! The guys in there are really friendly and they really should be commended for their efforts to make their food and decor so original and personal!
Fika 7

Fika – 43 Dawson Street, Dublin 2


Twitter: @FikaDublin


7 thoughts on “Fika – Dublin’s newest coffee shop!

  1. Those are great but the best is Roasted Brown in the Film Institute – have a coffee and a brownie if you’re feeling uber indulgent! I love sitting inside or outside at the Art of Coffee in Grand Canal too.

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