Brunch at Brother Hubbard & an afternoon at The Grand Budapest Hotel @ Dublin Film Festival

I had been looking forward to yesterday for two years. Well, to be precise for over two years, ever since my brother started working for Wes Anderson on his newest project. Two years ago, I’d never have thought that i’d be living in Dublin at that it would be during the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival that I’d finally watch the Grand Budapest Hotel.


Researching the JDIFF, I was so excited to finally see the film that had been non-stop work for my brother and I had heard so many tales from him about the ‘making-of’. So when I got my tickets, J and I decided to make a great Dublin day of it.

Appropriately, we decided to start the day off with the legendary Brother Hubbard brunch. Dublin 1 being a bit far for breakfast, despite having read and heard so much about the place, this was our first time there.

Inside it was really cute and packed as you would expect on a Saturday in Dublin but we were quickly seated at a share table. Obviously proceedings started off with superb HasBean coffee in the heated courtyard as we studied the menu. It soon became clear that this was no typical brunch food and there were no pancake dishes or Irish fry-ups on this more asian-magrebian menu! I went for a delicious sounding smocked salmon dish and J went for the acclaimed pulled pork sandwich.



DSC00053 DSC00046 DSC00049

The quality of the ingredients in my salmon dish was actually shockingly good, I had never had such good quality smoked salmon anywhere in Dublin and the bread was fresh and delicious. J really enjoyed his enormous pile of pulled pork and it was incredibly juicy!! On our way out I got one of their brownies to go as a treat for later as according to @Lovindublin they serve amazing brownies.


After feeling suitable stuffed we went for a little wander around the shops before the start of the screening and then made our way to the Cineworld cinema on Parnell Street. There were lots of screenings there so the place was buzzing with film fans! After getting some snaps of the stunning Grand Budapest Hotel posters we went to take our seats in the cinema and were then greeted by Wes Anderson himself (on the screen, not in real life) who gave a short pre-recorded introduction to the film. Hugging an extremely large bag of popcorn, I settled in for the two hours ahead.

DSC00065 DSC00074 DSC00076 GBH

I am not going to review the film, because I am obviously biased, but I truly enjoyed it – more than I have enjoyed a film at the cinema for a very long time (it has since won the International Jury prize at the Berlin Film Festival). I really cannot get over how visually stunning it is and the detail in the sets and props is mind blowing! I thought Ralph Fiennes was brilliant and really stole the show, and I now have an uncontrollable yearning to try the pastries from the fictional Mendl’s patisserie. Best bit: seeing big bro’s name spelt out large on the silver screen in the credits!

It was a pleasure to watch a film that J and I could discuss the whole journey home along the Liffey. The review carried on in the Art of Coffee for our canal-side lattes as the sun made a welcome return after this week’s weather. Thanks Dublin, B and Mr Anderson for such a fun Saturday!

DSC00092 You can watch the trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel below:


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