Bob Bob Ricard Soho – a truly decadent London experience.

While in London on a very special girly visit I wanted to go out for a really special meal. So I initiated the usual routine: I read loads of blog and asked loads of people for recommendations. From all of these, one place really stood out… Bob Bob Ricard in Soho. My brother had been to the bar and recommended the Singapore Slings which were so good he couldn’t remember if he had eaten there or not! I immediately fell in love with the decor and booked a ‘booth’ for my February trip.

On further research I found out that the interior designer (David Collins Interior Design) was the same as The Berkeley Blue Bar (a space I love) so I seem to only want to go to places that David Collins worked on! After looking him up it turns out that he is actually Irish and was born and bred in my current city of Dublin! Sadly he died last year but his company continues to design amazing spaces.

Bob Bob Ricard describes itself as ‘London’s most glamorous all-booth dinning room’  and it served ‘English Luxury with a Russian Menu’. For me it had everything, awesome menu, amazing decor, privacy while you dine, a sense of entering another world for a few hours. I was so excited to eat there!

bb16It more than met my rather high expectations when we first sat down and the first thing we did was ‘Press For Champagne’! As soon as we did a waitress appeared in the blink of an eye to take our order and we all went for the Ayala Rose Majeur NV by the glass. The champagne was a gorgeous deep colour and was the best rose champagne I’ve ever tasted! The night was off to a great start!!


DSC00418We spent so long poring over the menu that the waitress had to come over three times before we were ready for her to take our order. We also quizzed her on a few of the dishes and she was extremely helpful in helping us decide what to have.

bb1 bb3 DSC00423One of the best things about this restaurant for me was the booth seating, which made you feel totally private from the other diners, it also made you feel a bit like you were dining on a very fancy 19th century train in a traditional dining cart. The second brilliant thing was the table setting, the pretty pastel pinks made me very happy and the glasses and little tea lights were gorgeous and really enhanced the experience!

bb5 bb4In the end we ordered a selection of starters for us all to share. We had 12g of the Petrossian Alverta Stergeon Caviar described as having small to medium eggs and a dark amber colour, presented with the most lustrously petite mother-of-pearl spoon. I ordered the Salmon Tartar with Horseradish Cream, Cucumber and Mustard Salad, which sounded like my dream dish! Lastly we had the Lobster Pelmini with Salmon Roe, which was recommended by the waitress as a house speciality as one of their signature Russian dishes.

All the starters were outstanding, the salmon was exquisite and the Pelmini was a totally new experience, it was like a sort of dumpling filled with lobster in what we thought was a vodka sauce. I am not a huge fan of caviar but I was reliably informed that it was very very good!!

bb6 bb7 bb9 bb8For the main course I had the Artichoke Soup with Truffled Risotto Balls (actually a starter), A had the Fillet Medallions Rossini 28 Day Aged Scotch Beef made with seared Foie Gras and a Foie Gras Crouton Served with Truffle Gravy. O had the Lobster Macaroni and Cheese with fresh lobster, swiss cheese and parmesan. It all sounded amazing and so so decadent!

bb10 bb11 bb12Everyone was extremely happy with their picks and my soup was delicious, it had a chilli powder dusted on top which went so well with the artichoke and the risotto balls were very different and very fun to dunk in the soup. My little box of chips were also very yummy!! I had a taste of the Mac & Cheese and it was very rich but it was such a novelty to have fresh lobster in it. A was so happy with her beef and a rather generous potion of foie gras!

We finished off what was a 4 hour culinary feast with some herbal tea and, like everything else, it was beautifully presented. I was very sad that we were all to full to have a desert but that is a very good reason to go back!

One of the things that stuck in my mind after we left was how great the service was, it really was 10/10 and I was so impressed with our waitress (in her wonderful uniform) she was very friendly and hugely helpful and pre-empted all of our needs for the whole night.

I was so blown away by the whole place that it has taken top spot on my favourite restaurant list!! Thanks B for the recommendation and thanks Bob Bob Ricard for an amazing experience!!!!

bb14 bb17Website:

Twitter: @BobBobRicard


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