Searching for authentic Czech food in Prague.

Four Seasons Prague – Veleslavínova 1098/2a, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město, Czech Republic.

What we had: Coffee & Hot Chocolate

They have a really nice and cosy bar area even though it’s decorated in a very modern way. We sat down in need of hot drinks before the theatre and I was very happy when they came with yummy chocolate biscuits! The coffee was just ok, but the ambiance in the place was fun and relaxing. J said the hot chocolate was ‘yummy’ so I would go for that over the coffee, just be careful as it comes in a cool floating vacuum cup and even if it feels warm it’s probably scalding hot!

DSC00704 DSC00707Cafe Lounge – Plaská 615/8, 150 00 Praha 5 – Malá Strana, Czech Republic.

What we had: Lunch & Coffee

What I wanted to have in Prague was a great coffee and a brunch style lunch. I found out about Cafe Lounge on a blog but it had competition from another brunch place in the area: Cafe Savoy. So we set off for the area, just across the river from the National Theatre, and it was instantly clear that Cafe Lounge had a nicer vibe than Cafe Savoy.

Prague food_edited-1 DSC00760Cafe Lounge was a serious coffee place! But before we got into that we needed feeding! I went for a personal favourite, although not traditionally Czech, a bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese and a salad. It was delicious and I was very happy with it and the salmon was very good quality. In any case, as soon as I sat down in the cafe I felt like I fit right in 😉

DSC00751 DSC00749J had one of their specials, grilled pork knee with apple horseradish, mustard dressing and potato “škubánek” and it looked so yummy! He was very happy with it and I had a taste and wished I had ordered it too!

Prague food2After the food came the serious stuff… coffee! I had to read the coffee menu for about 15 minutes in order to be suitably informed and be able to order! It wasn’t just what sort of coffee you wanted, but how you wanted it made from the point of grinding the beans right through to the ratio of coffee to milk you want. In the end I went for a latte as I wanted to just enjoy their coffee blend and J went for a flat white (a double espresso with microfoam milk). Both coffees were presented very nicely, but unfortunately mine was a disappointment, it was so weak that I couldn’t even taste the coffee in it. J was also disappointed as he could actually taste the coffee, but didn’t like the blend. To be fair to them I think we just didn’t like the coffee they were currently using as they were obviously very passionate about coffee and different brewing techniques. What I cannot fault them on was the service, which was really excellent!

DSC00754 DSC00758

The Blue Duckling – Michalska 16, Prague, Czech Republic (Praha 1)

What we had: Dinner

The night before we had walked extensively around town looking for a nice spot for dinner where we could have some authentic Czech food. We were really disappointed as everywhere in the old town that we looked at seemed underwelming and too touristy. So we ended up asking our hotel for a recommendation for a mid-range restaurant where we could have traditional food and they sent us to The Blue Duckling.

DSC00813 DSC00814

DSC00847 DSC00849 prague blueduck1The restaurant had a nice cosy atmosphere and candles on all the tables. Obviously the speciality of this place was duck, but neither of us ended up ordering it. I had the veal terrine to start, which was just ‘ok’ and for my main I had a chicken broth with winter vegetables, pieces of fois gras and infused with saffron. The soup was very nice and it felt a little decadent to have bits of fois gras floating in it!

DSC00850 Prague blueduck2J went straight to the main course and had wild boar goulash, which he described as warm with a spicy kick provided by the fresh chilli! I think in all we were pleased with the food, but nothing worth writing home about. We were both in the mood for dessert but were too full to have it straight away, so we asked if we could take a selection on their desserts ‘home’ with us, which they accommodated and we had a yummy treat later in the evening!

DSC00858 prague blueduck3 prague dlueduck5

 TRICAFE – Anenska 3, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic.

What we had: Morning coffee.

On our last morning in Prague we wanted somewhere calm and relaxing to sip coffee and write our postcards to friends and family. I had already spotted somewhere near our hotel called TRICAFE that looked lovely so we went to give it a go. I’m so glad we did as the coffee shop was really fun with good coffee and lovely atmosphere. We both had a latte and set about writing out post cards.

DSC00885 DSC00879 DSC00859 DSC00871

DSC00863We chatted a bit to the barrista on our way and it turns out that the place had only been open a few months. There was a nice selection of cakes and quiche which I would have liked to of tried had it of been later in the day. The decor of the place had a very scandinavian feel, which I really liked as it was very simple and calming. Also, as a little bit of fun and as an excuse to start a conversation with his customers the barrista was keeping a tally of the nationality of his customers; so pop in, have a chat and make your coffee count!

DSC00873 DSC00876 DSC00877 DSC00878 DSC00884 DSC00881Here is a link to my previous post on what we got up to in Prague when we weren’t eating!

A surprise anniversary trip to Prague! 


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