An exhibition of props from The Grand Budapest Hotel

The very talented Annie Atkins was lead graphic designer for the new Wes Anderson film The Grand Budapest Hotel. She is from Dublin and the  Lighthouse cinema in Smithfields put on an exhibition of her work on the film.

It was great to see the props from the film in real life as they were so crucial in making the film look as amazing as it did. It was also really fun to see them in more detail, such as the newspaper and the menu.

But before we walked to Smithfield we tried out a new coffee place called Love Is Art and had one of the prettiest cups of coffee ever! The weather was even nice enough for us to sit outside!

DSC01041 DSC01081

DSC01044 DSC01049 DSC01057 DSC01055 DSC01050 DSC01052 DSC01051 DSC01058 DSC01056 DSC01064 DSC01061 DSC01072 DSC01067 DSC01073 DSC01077 DSC01075

If you haven’t seen it already then get down to the cinema and watch it! It’s a great movie!

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Director: Wes Anderson

Lead Graphic Designer: Annie Atkins


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