Lunch @ Patrick Guilbaud – 2 Michelin Star Dining In Dublin

As our final farewell to a city we have loved living in we decided to go to Patrick Guilbaud and experience Ireland’s only 2 michelin star restaurant. We have been wanting to try this place ever since we heard of it but we wanted to save it for a special occasion. When I was doing my cooking course at Cooks Academy I would walk past the restaurant twice a day and imagine all the exquisite things they might be cooking up inside.

The restaurant was very colourful and we were showed to our table by a procession of staff. I was a bit thrown by the seating arrangement but J assured me that it was very French! All the waiters were French and the atmosphere was buzzy but ordered.

DSC01651 DSC01652

To start the meal in style J ordered a glass of VT Pinot Gris which he was very happy with! We were served a selection of bread and an amuse bouche of potato veloutee with grated cheese on top with a dusting of coffee. Surprisingly coffee does go really well with potato and cheese and really brought out the chocolate taste in the coffee. Shockingly I forgot to take a picture of it… bad blogger!!!!

DSC01654 DSC01658For starter we both had giant asparagus with parmesan gnocchi and a truffle broth. It was absolutely delicious and I never wanted it to end!!

PG1For the main course I ordered Pyrenees lamb with pine nuts, olive and tomato, basil and herb mash served in a separate le cruiset pot (which I loved). It was by far the best presentation of a main course dish I have ever eaten! The mix of redie/brown lamb ju, green, red and white was gorgeous. The taste too was flawless and I really really enjoyed it!

DSC01660J ordered the seabass with fennel and caramelised milk which was cooked simply but well.

pg4 DSC01665I opted out of dessert as there was nothing that tempted me, but J went for the rhubarb and panacotta with lime ice-cream. I tasted it and it was a real disappointment, the rhubarb was not ripe yet and didn’t really have any flavour, which was a shame! It did look gorgeous though!

DSC01666 pg2As we had nowhere to go we stayed and relaxed at our table and enjoyed coffee and petit four. The petit four was a lovely way to end the meal, especially as I didn’t have a dessert, J and I shared each one and I loved two of them so much that I had to call the waiter over to find out exactly what they were. The coffee was good and very well presented and I enjoyed chatting with J over a long cup before heading back into the blustery Dublin weather.

DSC01683 pg3 DSC01676 DSC01685Patrick Guilbaud – 21 UPPER MERRION STREET, DUBLIN 2, IRELAND.


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4 thoughts on “Lunch @ Patrick Guilbaud – 2 Michelin Star Dining In Dublin

    • I will miss your Dublin posts – loved them! But will definitely keep up to date on your Japanese adventure 🙂 Had a read of your latest post and the apartment looks fabulous! Hope you have a fantastic time there 🙂

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