St. Patrick’s Day weekend with the Bros!

We were so happy to have 2 of J’s brothers come to visit us over St. Paddy’s Day weekend! The day they arrived J made his signature Schnitzel and chips, which was amazing! I had made many treats for them as I know how important it is to have a well stocked house when the boys are in town! In preparation I had made Nuttela cookies, a loaf sponge cake with almond strawberry and rhubarb filling, two honey cakes and a traditional Irish soda loaf.

The three days were packed with sport, so the majority of the time was spent ordering pints and moving from one watering hole to the next, if not to find alcohol it was to find food!

DSC01186 DSC01187Nutella Cookies which were demolished in about 5 minutes!

DSC01190Traditional honey cake for X to take back to Uni!

DSC01280Some traditional Irish Soda bread for the next morning to keep them going until brunch at The Bath!

DSC01266Brunch and rugby at The Bath Pub!

DSC01195 DSC01196Onto The Long Stone Pub for the Ireland v France match which was epic!

DSC01200 DSC01203 DSC01204After the French defeat and therefore the English defeat there was only one thing for it…. BUNSEN for burgers!!!

DSC01214 DSC01226 DSC01228 DSC01229To end the night we went to the roof terrace of The Marker Hotel and snuggled up in their blankets and they even brought us hot water bottles! The view from up there made bearing the cold worth it!

DSC01232 DSC01237 DSC01256 DSC01258 DSC01260 DSC01261Thanks guys for visiting! It was great to spend time with you in Dublin!!!!


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