Dublin to London to Tokyo

After a busy few days in London we finally boarded our flight from London Heathrow to Haneda airport in Tokyo. We were both pretty excited and we were very lucky to have two seats together by ourselves, as our flight was totally full. The 11 hour flight went quite quickly and we got a bonus of seeing the aurora borealis as we flew over Siberia in the dead of night!

We were pretty excited when we arrived even though the weather was mucky and we had no view of Edo bay, Fujisama and Tokyo. Haneda airport was modern and more than hospital/impossibly clean. Mr. Customs was shocked we only have 1 bag for 5 months! Our first task in real Japan was to buy a train ticket and then figure out how to get to our short let in Sanbancho. Both tasks were achieved by J and after only one wrong turn up a very steep hill, we managed to find our apartment.

We were met by the manager and given a tour which consisted of showing us how all the electrically operated things worked. This included, the toilet, the water temperature for the whole flat, the intercom and the shower.

The flat itself was lovely and everything we could have wanted for our first stay in Tokyo. Our host provided us with tons of info on the area and to beat the jet-lag we went straight out for a walk down one of the best Sakura spots in Tokyo which was right on our doorstep.

Let me give you a tour of our flat in Sanbancho…

This is the outside of the building and the very smart entrance:

DSC02389 DSC02390 DSC02393 DSC02395 DSC02396This is the inside of the flat which is very modern and very white:

DSC01802 DSC01803 DSC01805 DSC01806

Here are all our funny apartment gadgets and our new white board with our ‘hiranga of the day’:

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One thought on “Dublin to London to Tokyo

  1. Sooooooo exciting, particularly sighting AB over Siberia in first class. Can’t believe I’ve just typed that phrase let alone you experienced the phenomenon. Again. Impressed by Marco Polo & am lovin’ the white board next to the high tech.Flight & flat: perfect justification for packing those Geissweiners!

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