A walk around Akihabara, (the anime centre of the universe!) – Tokyo

Akihabara is an otaku cultural centre and hosts thousands of anime, video games, manga and computer part shops. The area is massive! Think everything from Marble Arch to Tottenham Court Road being an anime shop on multiple floors. We spent about 6 hours there walking around and we didn’t even cover a quarter of it. We went into manga shops, video arcades full of eager players of all ages and saw a lot of ‘maids cafes’.

Let me show you around….

DSC02449 DSC02447 DSC02450 DSC02451 DSC02452 DSC02453 DSC02456 DSC02457 DSC02458 DSC02459 DSC02462 DSC02464 DSC02465 DSC02466 DSC02467 DSC02468 DSC02469 DSC02470 DSC02471 DSC02473 DSC02478 DSC02479 DSC02481 DSC02483

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4 thoughts on “A walk around Akihabara, (the anime centre of the universe!) – Tokyo

  1. otaku otaku otaku – chinpokomoned! OMG Vegeta looks A-MAZ-ING; if you don’t stag wearing his boots, at the very least J, you may regret it. Thankfully, G won’t hen in the blue-haired creature’s attire. BTW do those maids actually serve coffee? Doooo the Japanese drink coffee?

  2. Yes, they drink a lot of coffee, they like iced-coffee a lot as well but they put liquid sugar in it which is very sweet! But you can get lattes and such like everywhere! The maids serve food and drinks and you pick the cafe according to what type/dress of maid you like.

    • I haven’t had any yet, but I did see a westfield style Champagne bar in a shopping centre in Roppongi. However, I did find it important to learn, in my conversation Japanese class, ‘Champagne dake nomimas’ which means… “I only drink Champagne”!

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