Hanami season in Tokyo – beautiful Cherry Blossom!

We arrived in Tokyo towards the end of the Hanami season but there was still quite a lot of cherry blossoms on the trees and what had fallen off on the the roads looked very pretty, before it was swept away by the busy street cleaners of Tokyo.


The tokyoites LOVE hanami season and they make camp under the trees and eat, sleep and socialise there. Good hanami spots can be marked out days before the hanami even comes out and in Tokyo; once you have marked your place no one will take it, even if you leave! We also noticed the obsessive fascination not only with taking pictures of the cherry blossom but of taking pictures of their mascots of toys with the cherry blossom.


DSC02296 DSC02255

One of the most wonderful and romantic parts of Hanami season is when the Hanami is lit up at night. We walked around the Imperial palace moat at night with the Sakura on both sides lit up and it was really stunning!


DSC02169 DSC02183 DSC02128 DSC02162 DSC02143

Sakura plays a hugely important role in Japan and there are dozens of products dedicated to it, including sakura ice cream, sakura sweets, sakura tea, you name it and there is probably a sakura flavour of it!

DSC02044 DSC02500

The cherry blossom viewing spots gave us a great excuse to travel around the city and see new areas as we knew we only really had three days to enjoy the cherry blossom before it disappeared for another year! We viewed the sakura in Yoyogi Park, Ueno Park, Sumida Park, Imperial Gardens and outer moat and Aoyama Cemetery.

Here is a collection of a few of my favourite pics from Hanami season…

DSC02341 DSC02290 DSC02216 DSC02205 DSC02202 DSC02050 DSC02033 DSC01937 DSC01935 DSC01927 DSC01874 DSC01849 DSC01823

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