Tempura Tsunahachi in Shinjuku – Tokyo

We ate at Tempura Tsunahachi on our second night in Tokyo and we were both craving tempura! As we were very much Tokyo newbies we went with a guide book recommendation. We had no Japanese at this point and there was no English menu but we muddled through and chose randomly and it turned out well. The quality of the tempura (from my experience out of Japan) was good but not excellent. But the restaurant was bigger than most and from recent returns you often have a long queue to get in. I really liked the feel of this place and I enjoyed watching the chefs at work behind the counter.

I had shitake mushroom with prawn inside and mixed vegetables, including green pepper, sweet potato, aubergine and lotus root. J had whole prawns and mixed vegetables. All of which ‘oishi katta desu’ (were delicious)!!!

I am also loving the hot hand towel (‘oshibori’) when you first sit down and the ocha (Japanese Tea) and o-mizu (water) that you get as before you have even ordered!


DSC02118 DSC02119 DSC02120 DSC02121 DSC02122 DSC02123 DSC02124

Address: 〒160-0022 Tokyo, Shinjuku, 3 Chome−31-8
Directions note: It is on street level.

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