A delicious dinner in Kundankita – Tokyo

We went to grab some dinner before meeting our school friends and teachers for our monthly nomikai (drinks party at an izakaya, yes the Japanese have a word for this activity!) and we didn’t have a particular place in mind. So we walked around the area near the nomikai and thought this place looked really nice! After a bit of hesitation, due to the fact that we had no idea what sort of food they served and no pictures on the outside we decided to be brave and venture in. After a spot of confusion at the beginning – we were ushered to a table, sat down, then were asked to leave only to finally be summoned back again. We took two seats at the bar table and were given a menu in both Japanese and English! Subarashii (wonderful)!

This place obviously specialised in Sochu and Sake and there were dozens of really beautifully labelled bottled dotted all around the restaurant. It was a small place with only 5 tables and a bar table that sat 4. We looked over the menu and I saw a dish I had recently tried at school, it is a type of snack really, it is pickled plum mushed up as a filling within a cold rice triangle with dry seaweed wrapped around it and you can find them at any 7/11 or family mart, the filling is called Ume 梅 in Japanese. Then I had a pork dish that came on a sizzling hot place where by you browned off the meat and spring onions and it came with little roast potatoes, which I was very surprised to see! J, out of curiosity went for the whale dish with a bowl of rice. The whale came deep fried in breadcrumbs and was a lot like schnitzel. I’m afraid to say that the whale was absolutely delicious and was a sort of mix between veal and tuna. It was a tiny portion and you covered it with lemon, it was not something I would have again but I am glad I tried it.

DSC02508 DSC02510 DSC02511 DSC02512

Here is the whale with the lemon wedge…


This is the onigiri with the ume inside…


My pork served on a hotplate..DSC02516 DSC02517

As we found this place just ‘walking around’ and the business card was in kanji, I have found it on google maps and here is the street view so you can see what the outside of the place looks like if you want to check it out!

Google Street View

This is the approximate address:

1 Chome-9-16, Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to.

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