Ten-ichi Tempura in Shibuya – Tokyo

This is the second proper tempura restaurant that we went to in Tokyo and it has been the best so far. It’s located on the 8th floor of the Tokyu Department Store in Shibuya, so at least it’s easy to find! Their main shop is actually in Ginza which I would definitely try as well and I believe they have shops all around the city. Ten-ichi was founded in 1930 and boast having cooked for Chirac, Sinatra and Clinton to name but a few.

The restaurant is very simple and you can sit at tables or around the counter to watch the chef work. There are a range of set menus with an English translation and I went for the one called something like ‘the female set menu’ and J went for something very similar but without the dessert.


The food was beautifully presented and it came with a rice bowl, miso soup with clams, three pieces of tuna sashimi, salad with Japanese dressing, pickles and a mix of prawn and vegetable tempura. Water and green tea came complimentary and was regularly topped up throughout the meal. One of the best parts of the meal was the orange sorbet I got for dessert, it was absolutely delicious and a perfect way to end a meal!

DSC02577 DSC02579 DSC02580 DSC02581 DSC02582 DSC02578 DSC02583

All the food was excellent and it was one of my favourite meals in tokyo to date. It was a little pricy at just over 2000 yen per set meal but the quality made it worth it. It was also a good place to come if you don’t speak Japanese as it has an English menu so you know exactly what you are ordering!

Restaurant: 天一 渋谷東急店 (Tenichi Shibuya Tokyu ten)
Address: Shibuya Tokyu Honten 8F 2-24-1 Dougenzaka Shibuyaku Tokyo 150-0043
Phone: 03-3477-3891 Open Hour:  11:00~22:30

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