Celebrating Nature Day with a picnic in Shinjuku Gardens – Tokyo


To celebrate nature day we thought we would head to one of Tokyo’s many parks. We chose Shinkuku Gardens, a park that you usually have to pay 200 yen to enter but on this day was free (more lunch money!). We didn’t even need to go overground arriving into Shinjuku Sanchome station as there’s a convenient underground passage straight into Isetan’s Depachika (underground food hall in a department store) where we bought our picnic. This place is food heaven and it was so difficult to decide what to buy. In the end we went for an array of Japanes treats including a bento box of Tuna sushi, Ebi Tempura, Yakitori of chicken meat and liver, and a ‘Magic sandwich’ which was a mini baguette with three different fillings in (cheese, beef and salmon) and melon bread (not sure if melon has anything to do with this bread but it’s a bit like a soft sweet bread bun with large rocks of sugar attached to it).

DSC03488 DSC03490

Shinjuku Gyoen national Gardens is, as the name suggests, one of the largest parks in Tokyo. Broken up into different themed park area, we headed to the Japanese Garden to have our lunch on the grass overlooking the pond. There are more benches in this park than most Tokyo parks but it was a hot dry day so the grass did just fine!


DSC03493 DSC03495 DSC03496 DSC03497 DSC03499 DSC03502 DSC03505 DSC03509

After our delicious lunch we ganderflanked around the whole park, which includes a French Jardin-du-Luxembourg type formal garden and an English landscaped garden. The French garden did feel quite authentic (maybe not the palm trees) but the English landscaped garden was just a euphemism for big open space the gardeners don’t have to fuss over, but maybe that is what they were going for! Regardless it would be well worth the 200 yen to get in and it’s a beautiful park to wander around!

DSC03514 DSC03520 DSC03521 DSC03530 DSC03534 DSC03546 DSC03547 DSC03556 DSC03578 DSC03559 Couple Park GW2

Info on Shinjuku Gardens:

Japan Guide – Shinjuku Gardens

Ministry of the Environment – Shinjuku Gyoen National Gardens

Opening Times: Open 9am-4.30pm (last admittance 4pm), Closed Mondays!

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5 thoughts on “Celebrating Nature Day with a picnic in Shinjuku Gardens – Tokyo

    • Everything in Tokyo is super clean, you never see rubbish on the street anywhere and there are people constantly cleaning public spaces! The restaurants are also very clean. Impressive for a city of 15 million people!

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