Coffee with a view @ The Mandarin Oriental – Tokyo


If your in the Nihonbashi area and fancy a coffee with a view then head to the Mandarin Oriental and take the lift up to the 37th floor to their bar area. We went to check it out a few days ago as we were exploring the area. Close by is the Mitsukoshi Department Store which is well worth a visit and don’t miss browsing the (or any) depachika while you are there!

The Mandarin Oriental is a bit confusing if you enter it from the main road, you have to go up the escalators and then find the lift to take you to the hotel entrance and then take the lift up to the 37th floor where you will find their Sense Tea Corner to the right and Mandarin Bar to the left. We sat in the Sense Tea Corner which faces north east and has a far reaching, unobstructed view over east Tokyo; the Skytree, Sumida River and Sumo stadium and Edo museum in particular. We sat right by the floor to ceiling windows and had a fabulous view of Tokyo as the sun began to set.

DSC03663 DSC03645


There is a wide variety of drinks that you can have in the bar or tea corner, I went for a latte and J had a coke. The latte was very good and it came in a thermal cup with some biscuits complimentary. J’s coke came with some olives and we both had water as well.

DSC03654 DSC03647 DSC03653 MO2

The architecture is very striking and the design of the Mandarin Bar seating area on the other side of the 37th floor is very cool! Compared to the dinner prices for the view (and of course the Michelin starred food) it is definitely worth spending almost £10 each on a drink to enjoy the view and relax in a fun and unique space!

DSC03668 DSC03669 DSC03670 DSC03671 DSC03672 DSC03673 DSC03674 DSC03665

Things to see near The Mandarin Oriental:

Mitsukoshi Department Store

Bank of Japan building and Currency Museum

Nihombashi Bridge

Kite Museum

Tokyo Stock exchange

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