Coffee Perfection in Omotesando! The Roastery – by Nozy

Walking to this place, through the hipster heaven of Cat Street and the back streets of Omotesando, is a fun experience in itself. I really liked the layout of this place and the staff (who are all really young) spoke good English and were super enthusiastic about the coffee. They even had jars of it at the ordering counter so you could smell the bean to help you decide which blend you wanted. I had a latte with their house blend of the day and went to drink it outside so I could people watch but the space inside was very cool as well with a 360 degree counter where they make the coffee and seating around the outside of the shop. I love the layout of this place and they also serve sweet treats such as the famous ‘cronut’. The coffee itself was delicious, by far the tastiest I’ve had in Tokyo to date! The froth of the milk was also a great texture and the milk was the perfect temperature! It was as close to a perfect latte as it gets!

I don’t really need to tell you anything more about the place just go there and try it if you need a good coffee and hopefully it will be as good as mine was as this was the best coffee I’ve had in Tokyo so far!

FYI – They also sell coffee there to make at home! So if you really love it you can have it everyday!

DSC03298 DSC03299 DSC03300 DSC03301 DSC03302 DSC03303 DSC03305 DSC03306 DSC03308 DSC03310Website:

Address: 5 Chome-17-13 Jingūmae. Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to

Map: Google Map

Opening Hours: 8:00am – 20:00pm

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