A weekend in sunny Sydney – Australia

After a bit of a whirlwind tour around Europe going between France, the UK (still), Germany and finally Serbia we were finally off on our 24-hour plane journey to Sydney. We thought it would be nice to stop off there and get over the jet-lag before going on to New Zealand. The BA flight was actually really good and I managed to sleep for more than half of it. As usual the food was pretty bad, but after we stopped and re-fueled in Singapore and the next meal was a lot better than the first, so I guess it’s just the UK that has rubbish food for flights! Even our Air Serbia flight the day before served us a decent hot meal on our 3 hour flight across Europe.

I had found an awesome airbnb apartment right in the centre of town and we were so lucky to have four days of beautiful sunshine. I had last been in Sydney nearly 10 years ago on my gap year and J had never been so I was really excited!

Our brilliant apartment in Sydney…

Day .1.

We arrived at 6am so we had the whole day ahead of us, or at least as long as we could stay awake. Firstly, we had a coffee from the amazing machine in the apartment and drank it on the balcony in the morning Sydney sun. Then we headed to Darling Harbour in search of food and views! We had a great lunch overlooking the water, J had a steak sandwich and I had a wagu beef burger with pineapple and beetroot which was amazing!!!

Then we went for a long walk around the centre of the city to get a feel for the place. We had a little hunt for the hostel I stayed in on my gap year, by far the nicest place I stayed, and where I had a brilliant time, it’s called Wake UP!


We finished off the day by walking around Hyde Park to the Pool of Reflection and the Anzac War Memorial and then back to the apartment to crash out!

DSC02393 DSC02398 DSC02400Day .2.

The only time I am capable of getting up early in the morning without a fight is when I have jet-lag, so we took full advantage of this and got up at 5am and saw the sun rise from the apartment. Then we headed to the hipster area of Surrey Hills for brunch and a walk around. I wondered where all the coffee shops and cool cafés were in the centre of Sydney and the answer is that they are all in Surrey Hills! What a great place! We had deli styles sandwiches from Bourke Street Bakery and sat outside on the sidewalk, listening to our neighbours discuss the merits  of a ‘flat white’ coffee versus a ‘latte’ for half an hour. We both had the Ruben, which was corned wagu beef with swiss cheese, rocket and relish and it was delicious!


We then went on in search of coffee, and decided to try Single Origin Roasters on Reservoir Street. The café has seating inside and out and we both ordered a flat white. The decor of the place is really fun and the waiting staff are super friendly! The coffee was outstanding, the best I’ve had since Japan!

DSC02404We walked the rest of the area and I wish I could have tried another dozen restaurants and cafés! If you find yourself there then check out the library as it’s a cool building! You read a lot about places like Surrey Hills that are described as ‘brimming with cafés and restaurants’ and more often than not I’m disappointed with these places in real life. However, Surrey Hills really is chocker block with fantastic looking places to eat and drink coffee! It’s well worth the walk up the hill! When we were done we walked through town to Sydney Harbour.

DSC02405One of my favourite places in the world is Sydney by the Harbour, I love everywhere along the harbour where you can see the bridge and the opera house! The views are always stunning and it’s a fantastic walk around the harbour (except when the big boats actually dock).

DSC02416 DSC02421 DSC02429 DSC02434 DSC02445 DSC02447


One thought on “A weekend in sunny Sydney – Australia

  1. Great to vicariously enjoy the other side of the world without the jet lag via these fab pix: SHB & a koala with my morning coffee! kia ora

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