An amazing coastal walk and delicious brunch in Sydney – Australia

On our third day in Sydney we were still waking up at the crack of dawn with the sunrise and headed out of town to Bondi Junction to the massive Westfield to do some browsing. As an easy early lunch for J, and because it was for charity (the Golden Arches were donating $2 to a children’s charity with every burger), he opted to try one on Australia’s McDonalds triple cheeseburgers (they also have quadruple Big Macs!).

DSC02449From there we popped onto the bus and headed to Coogee beach about 20minutes away to start the 7K coastal walk back to Bondi Beach. It was a beautiful day and the walk was AWSOME! We climbed on amazing coloured rocks, saw stunning scenery and beautiful beaches. I will let the pics speak for themselves but it really was amazing! BTW I didn’t alter any of these pics at all, the light and colours in Sydney are just unbelievable!

DSC02452 DSC02457 DSC02462 DSC02475

Bronte Beach…

DSC02477 DSC02481 DSC02482 DSC02490



Bondi Beach!

DSC02493 DSC02500

After the walk, I was seriously hungry and I had read that there was a great bagel place on the back streets of Bondi called Lox Stock & Barrel on Glenayr Ave. The place is really cute with a lovely interior and nice stools to sit on outside. We were lucky enough to grab a table outside and I had the BEST bagel I’ve had in ages! It was delicious!


For dessert, and in true beach style, we went to check out an ice-cream place called Gelato Messina, supposedly the best Gelato (it’s called ice-cream) in Sydney! The place was absolutely buzzing at its hole-in-the-wall shop and when we finally pushed through to the front we ordered one scoop of Pear&Rhubarb and one of Lychee Sorbet in a cone. It definitely lived up to the hype and it was yummy! We walked with it down to Bondi beach to enjoy it whilst watching the surfers and enjoy being an ice-cream womble!

DSC02507 DSC02509

Day .4.

Our next, and final day, we wanted to check out Potts Point to the east of Sydney Harbour and grab some Sydney style Sunday brunch! We walked there from our apartment and passed the still open nightclubs and red light district of King’s Cross, a bit much for 10am on a Sunday morning! We chose Panhandle Bar as there was really lovely outside seating on a private pedestrian road. Room 10 opposite was really popular, but the tables are tiny and the little stools looked very uncomfortable.

J ordered a mini fry-up and I had a smoked salmon, onion, sour cream, caper and spinach toasted sandwich with a poached egg on the side… heaven! The food was excellent!

DSC02517 DSC02518

Afterwards we enjoyed a coffee and digested before heading off on another Sydney walk!


Sydney is just too beautiful! We walked around Woolloomooloo Bay (yes it’s really called that) and saw the stunning harbour and a super cool hotel called The Blue which is housed in a converted boat yard and it has the most spectacular entrance! I would stay there on a return trip to Sydney! We stopped for a bit to sit on the harbour and take in the view and were astounded by the amount of jelly fish in the water!

DSC02527 DSC02528

We continued our walk along Fingers Walk and Mrs Macqueries Road, curling around the headland with views over to the northern part of Sydney across the water. It was a fairly windy day and there were plenty of sailboats, pleasure boats and windsurfers on the water! It was a spectacular walk and one of the best ways to spend a Sunday that I can think of!

DSC02532 DSC02544 DSC02556

We continued on in the sunshine through the Botanical Gardens, which has a pond full of free-range eels! We ended up at the Governor’s House and decided to take the free guided tour run every half hour (last for 45mins and you need your passport). Whilst waiting for the tour we hung out in the beautiful manicured gardens overlooking the sea. The tour was more fun that I thought it would be and very informative. We had a great tour guide who obviously loved her job.

DSC02561 DSC02562 DSC02574

We finished the day back at Sydney Harbour, as I just cannot get enough of this place! After we had our fill of the sun, the Opera House, the amazing bridge and the views we headed back to our apartment to pack for New Zealand!!!!!

DSC02579 DSC02589


2 thoughts on “An amazing coastal walk and delicious brunch in Sydney – Australia

  1. Sounds and LOOKS fabulous.; thank you for posting at the perfect hour for my insomnia in the northern hemisphere. The wuthering heights of the Bronte beach appeal to me as does the Hurricane cocktail at The Blue.

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